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British Benign Upper Gastrointestinal Surgical Society (BBUGSS)

The purpose of of BBUGSS is to create a much needed society to concentrate on  benign upper GI surgery. Through our association with AUGIS, BBUGSS creates a platform for educational events, clinical guidelines, audit, up-dates in relevant clinical issues related to benign upper GI surgery. BBUGSS is a sub division of AUGIS, BBUGSS sub council retains a seat on AUGIS council. 


BBUGSS is an Unincorporated Association

The British Benign Upper Gastrointestinal Surgical Society is a voluntary, non-profit making organisation who's members have come together for the purpose of an interest in benign upper GI surgery, it does not to use a formal structure like a company. BBUGSS is not registered at either Companies House or the Financial Services Authority. There is no requirement to submit annual returns.

Because BBUGSS has no legal identity of it's own and in legal terms is only a collection of individuals, members, may have to sign loan documents and contracts (if required) as individuals and carry the risk personally.

BBUGSS cannot itself:

  • start a legal action

  • borrow money

  • enter into contracts in its own name

  • hold property

  • taking on employees

  • issuing shares

  • entering into large contracts

  • taking on a lease or buy freehold property

BBUGSS has put together a set of agreed rules for the management and operation of the society.

An unincorporated association is not a "legal entity" in law. So BBUGSS has no legal rights and is not separate from its members. It follows that individual members are legally responsible for the acts and omissions of the entire organisation.

BBUGSS acts through a committee (BBUGSS Council), those individuals are responsible to other members, for what they do in the name of the organisation. 

BBUGSS may also have trading or business objectives or carry on commercial activities.

Any contract which purports to be made by the association must in fact be made by one or more of its members because it itself is not a legal entity. That means the managing committee is responsible, or the individual who set up the contract.

The association (BBUGSS) has a bank account that has been set up in law as an account in the name of the Society and two individuals (usually the president and treasurer) have signature rights for the account. These individuals  are trustees for the members of BBUGSS, but the bank is not concerned with a beneficial interest.

Formal BBUGSS constitution

BBUGSS has a written constitution to safeguards the interests of members against each other and ensures on-going success. 

-New members joining should read and understand the constitution.

-The constitution reminds all members what they may or may not do and therefore helps reduce the possibility   that an individual acts in a way that jeopardises the interests of another member.

- All members are collectively responsible for the actions of the association. 

- Members are never safe from liability incurred by others of them.

- No member may commit the association to any contract or expense without consent of the body of members and that all expenses are funded in advance. 

- It is impractical for every member to have a vote on every decision. Therefore, a management committee (council) is elected to run the organisation on behalf of the members.

- Council members act as agents for all the members.

- Council members will be appointed by proposal and secondary nomination and votes cast by all association members.

- Membership eligibility is for all healthcare professionals registered with a national body, GMC/NMC etc 

- Membership ends at written request by the member to the council, or expiration of the members subscription period or expulsion of the association for violation of constitution or behavior inconsistent with the rules or values of your organisation.

- Amendment to the organisation's purposes or the arrangements for the conducting its affairs can only be made with the consent of the majority of members of the association. 

- Important decisions can be made quickly by the council on behalf of members.

- There will be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the members of the association.

- Every member has to agree to these rules when they sign up as a member of BBUGSS.

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