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Revisional Anti-Reflux Surgery 

Definition- Elective revisional surgery to correct symptoms after previous fundoplication or LINX procedures (excludes acute complications of primary procedure)

Revisional surgery has more complex management and should be concentrated to a few surgeons within a large unit or a single centre within a region

Classification of previous Anti-Reflux surgery failure requiring revisional surgery

Type I        in-situ fundoplication disruption

Type II       in-situ fundoplication slip

Type III      trans-hiatal fundoplication migration

Type IV      mixed fundoplication disruption and trans-hiatal fundoplication migration

Type V        trans-hiatal fundoplication slip

Type VI       LINX failure (migration/erosion/persistent dysphagia/poor symptom control)

Indications for surgery

- troublesome persistent dysphagia following previous anti-reflux/LINX surgery (resistant to non-surgical therapy)

- patients in whom the primary symptom is volume reflux/regurgitation despite previous anti-reflux/LINX surgery

- a confirmed diagnosis of recurrent acid reflux after previous anti-reflux/LINX surgery and adequate symptom control with medical therapy but do not wish to continue with long term therapy

- patient with breakthrough symptoms despite maximum medical therapy for recurrent reflux after previous anti-reflux/LINX surgery

- a confirmed diagnosis of acid reflux in patients following previous anti-reflux surgery/LINX and symptoms that respond to medical therapy but who are intolerant of medication side effects

- atypical symptoms such as aspiration, cough or hoarse voice and confirmed evidence of GORD in patients treated previously with anti-reflux/LINX surgery (these patients as a group have less successful outcomes than patients with typical symptoms)

- LINX explant for erosion/migration

- LINX explant for psychological reasons

Minimum Investigation set prior to Revisional surgery

Previous operative notes

OGD endoscopy

GI Physiology- ambulatory pH/high resolution manometry

Barium swallow

Pass all patients through a hiatal MDT prior to surgery

Enter data into a registry to audit outcomes

Mortality < 0.1%

Type I In-Situ Fundoplication Disruption
Type II In-Situ Fundoplication Slip.png
Type III Trans-Hiatal Fundoplication Her
Type IV Mixed Fundoplication Disruption
Type V Fundoplication Slip
Type VI LINX failure.png
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